Places of Interest

Puntebianche, built in the Valle die Trulli, is 2 km away from CEGLIE MESSAPICA which is one of the oldest towns in Puglia and has a characteristic historical centre with a castle. The town is also famous for its food, you can taste the typical specialities in some of the most famous restaurants in Italy. You can also participate in major entertaining and cultural events that take place for the public during the Messapian summers.

CISTERNINO, a nearby village (8 km away ) is also rich in history. You will be captivated by its piazza, famous for being the smallest in the world and its many typical butcher shops where you can enjoy local meat, grilled or otherwise.

Another place of interest is MARTINA FRANCA (12 km away). This city is in the Baroque style, rich in art and numerous churches. It is old and very luxurious and is home to the finest boutiques in the Valle d’Itria.

9 kms away is OSTUNI, known as the White City, an old town where stone is the mistress of architecture. In the labyrinth of sloping, narrow streets you will be enchanted by this Wonderland.

Less than 30 minutes’ drive away you can visit ALBEROBELLO, the capital of the Valle dei Trulli. With its tiny streets and monumental cones, it is recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Also not too far away you will find Fasano Safari Park with its charming, Castellana, its wonderful caves full of giant stalactites and the medieval town of Oria


Positioned centrally between the Adriatic Sea and the lonian Sea guests can quickly and easily reach the places that characterise summer on the Salento peninsula. On the Adriatic coast there are the beautiful beaches of TORRE GUACETO, a nature reserve with pink flamingos. Continuing south you encounter OTRANTO with its dreamy beach areas and the centre of attraction for history and entertainment.

The Ionian Coastline has miles of uninterrupted beaches, home to millions of tourists fascinated by a heavenly sea. Locations such as PORTO CESAREO, a seaside resort, have the most heavenly sea you have ever set eyes on.


Typical dishes of the area are: Orecchiette with turnip tops; friggitelli; broad beans and chicory; fried olives, meatballs and Turcineddi. These and many other dishes and titbits will surprise you with their particular and authentic flavour.

In the countryside of Puglia excellent wines are produced such as Negroamaro and Primitivo di Manduria, a perfect accompaniment to the tasty local dishes.